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Vaccinations keep your pets safe from a variety of dangerous, often potentially fatal conditions. These include diseases like parvovirus and rabies, which can spread very quickly when they are present in the community. But vaccinations don’t only protect your pets. By choosing to keep your puppy, kitten, cat, or dog’s vaccinations up to date, you decrease the likelihood of an outbreak. Which makes every other animal in the community safer too. Some animals can’t be vaccinated, because they are too young, or have underlying conditions. So, make the choice to keep them safe by staying up to date!

When we vaccinate your animal, we always include a general health check. This includes a complete physical, dental and heart check. Usually, this should be done once a year, but exceptions might apply depending on your pet’s health and other factors. As always, however, we’re happy to discuss this with our patients’ owners! Chestermere Mobile Veterinary

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Annual Health Check Up Chestermere

Prevention is always better than cure! An annual health check up for your pet is the best way to make sure they are healthy, and that they stay that way. During an annual health check with Chestermere Mobile Vet, we’ll check for common problems and look at areas of concern. We’ll be able to diagnose and treat any conditions early and prevent conditions from worsening.

Our small team and careful record keeping mean that we’ll be able to check for any changes on known conditions year over year. So, we can make adjustments to keep your pets healthier.

But you don’t have to leave home for this. Our Chestermere mobile vet service comes to you, for peace of mind and convenience. Chestermere Mobile Veterinary

Quality of Life Assessment Chestermere

As pets age, just like people, they start to lose some of their ability to do things they once found easy. For some, this may be occasional incontinence. Others might develop vision problems.

Whatever the effects of old age on your pet, it’s important to speak to a veterinarian regularly. Quality of life assessments are designed to gauge your pet’s current health status, and where they are heading.

These assessments start with a full physical exam, as well as a discussion about your pet’s health. We’ll talk about new problems they might have as well as those that might be changing with time. We’ll talk about lifestyle, diet, and temperament changes, and discuss what you’ve been doing so far. If your pet is experiencing common problems like morning stiffness, we’ll talk about ways you can help.

A quality-of-life assessment can help you to make the best choices for your pet as they age. We’ll suggest options for medications or changes that might help to make them happier, healthier, and more comfortable. Chestermere Mobile Veterinary

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Nail Clipping Chestermere

Some pets are quite okay with having their nails clipped. Others might behave as though it were the worst thing that has ever happened to them. We’ve seen them all. But regular nail clipping is important to prevent ingrown nails, tears, breaks and more.

Like many things, it’s easiest to get your animals used to nail clipping if they are still young. They’ll be far more inclined to let you clip their nails. If you repeat the process regularly, they’ll get used to the idea that nail clipping is a normal part of their lives. But even if you haven’t done that, it’s always better to leave nail clipping to a professional. We know how to clip your pets’ nails with minimal stress to them, and we won’t cut them too short. Our Chestermere mobile vet team also cuts your pet’s nails at home, so they’re less likely to be stressed out to begin with. It’s the easiest way to get the job done, and you don’t even need your own equipment! We’ll bring everything we need along when we visit your home. however Chestermere Mobile Veterinary

Diagnostic Testing Chestermere

Sometimes, we can diagnose health problems in your pets just by doing an exam. But very often, we need more information to make the best, most informed health decisions. When that happens, we have a variety of diagnostic testing options.

Blood, stool, and other samples can be collected on site at your home and sent to the pathology lab for testing. So, we can find out exactly what is wrong, and make the right health decisions. Chestermere Mobile Veterinary