Dr. Wendy McClelland, DVM

Mobile Vet

Cochrane | Calgary | Airdrie
Dr Wendy grew up on a farm in Southern Alberta surrounded by animals. Her pets were members of the family and she was always drawn to taking care of them. Her earliest memory of wanting to be a vet was at just 8 years old.

Her dream came true when she received her certification as Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Saskatoon in 2002. At first, she practiced in a mixed animal clinic in her hometown of Pincher Creek, Alberta. In 2011 Wendy and her family settled in Cochrane.

Wendy began exploring alternatives to the traditional vet clinic when she found that many pets were not comfortable in that setting. Her heart went out to the scared kitties, the seniors that had trouble getting up the stairs, the critters that preferred not to be near other pets, and those that just did not care for car rides.

Dr. Wendy has been doing house calls since 2009. With over 10 years of experience doing vet visits in home, she continues to be passionate about the care she provides.

Dr. Wendy has been featured in a number of publications and media outlets, including the Calgary Herald, CMT television, Corus Radio Network and was on the national television show, Pet heroes.

Today, Dr. Wendy still enjoys being surrounded by pets and has three wonderful kitties of her own: Sunny Seeds, Baddic, and Raven. You can trust Wendy to treat your pet as compassionately as she treats her own.

Alysia Carrier

Office and Client Services Manager

Hi! My name is Alysia. Usually, I will be your first contact with Dr. Wendy Vet Care. I care deeply about our pets and their owners well being. I'll try my best to help in any way possible. A little info about me - I have been working in the Veterinary industry since 2014 and previously had a background in canine water therapy, Reiki for animals, training and overall pet care. I also grew up with many cats, dogs, turtles, fish and hamsters, they all have a special spot in my heart. I recently had to say goodbye to my 2 dogs, Bossco and Julie <3 I have a deep respect for anyone who has to go through such a difficult time. In the future, I hope to have many more animals in my life. Hope we get a chance to speak or chat about your pet's well being.

Dr. Destinee Dummer


Dr Destinee likes to think outside the litter box. This includes the native Calgarian going far and wide to obtain her veterinary education. Why not skip winter and go somewhere warm for school? She travelled through the Caribbean, Australia, Singapore and East Africa to finally graduate in 2008. After spending several years working in a clinic setting, she realized two things - many cats do not make it to the vet clinic until they are in a critical state because the stress of bringing them in outweighs the desire for routine care, and that senior pets or pets with behaviour issues often get overlooked for that same reason. In 2016, Dr. Destinee found her calling doing house calls and continues to enjoy visiting pets in their homes, meeting the whole family, and tailoring treatments that work on an individual level. She understands that not every dog enjoys meeting other dogs, that often cats are not okay leaving their comfort zone and some owners struggle getting their pet to a clinic. With her passion in feline medicine and behaviour, coupled with geriatric animal care and end of life services, she is living her dream. When not working, Dr. Destinee can be found enjoying the outdoors with her family. She has managed to create harmny in a home with four cats, a new dog and a handful of other weird and exotic critters. She is pleased to be meeting and getting to know your furry family too.

Dog's Veterinary Services

There is nothing like the smile on your dog’s face and the wag of his tail to welcome you home. Caring for your families’ best friend is our passion. Regular check-ups allow us to catch problems early and ensure the best care for your pooch- from puppy to senior.

Mobile Veterinary

  • Wellness And Annual Exams
  • Vaccinations
  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Home Euthanasia
  • VirtualExam
  • Quality Of Life Assessment
  • Nail Trim

Why House Calls?

  • No Travel Stress
  • Familiar Surroundings
  • Convenient For Multiple Pets Households
  • Fear Or Pet Aggressive Animals
  • Mobility Difficulties

Cat's Veterinary Services

We all know how much entertainment and love our feline friends can provide. Cats are tricky and very adept at hiding symptoms when they are not feeling well. For this reason, at home cat veterinary care is important as it allows us to exam them where they are most comfortable.