Vaccinations are the most important way to safeguard the long-term health and wellness of pets within our community. When the majority of puppies, dogs, kittens, cats and other small animals including rabbits are vaccinated, this reduces the risk factors for all others in the area, even those that are not vaccinated. Vaccinating our pets is therefore very important, not just for the ongoing health and wellbeing of each individual animal, but for the overall health and condition of our pet population.
Vaccination always comes with a complete physical exam and health check, including dental and heart checks. Vaccination is still recommended annually, but there are other options depending on your pet’s specific environment or immunity. To find out if your pet is due for vaccination please call to speak with the vet. Airdrie mobile vet

Airdrie mobile vet

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Annual Health Check Up Airdrie

Routine check-ups allow us to diagnose, treat and protect your pet from contracting serious, costly and sometimes fatal diseases. our pet’s annual health check is also an ideal opportunity to check and update its vaccination status to ensure disease prevention.
We’re just a small team, you won’t see a different face every time we visit. Over time, our vets will get to know your pet’s health history and situation making care less stressful and more effective.
Best of all, our Airdrie Mobile Vet Doctor performs all annual health check-ups in the comfort of your own home. Airdrie mobile vet

Quality of Life Assessment Airdrie

A cat or dog quality of life assessment is essentially a full and thorough consultation with you and your pet, followed by a detailed pet examination.
As your pet age, it’s important to understand what is happening with your pet and how you can help them be as comfortable and happy as possible.
During the assessment, you will discuss your pet’s health and care at home. You will have the opportunity to convey anything that may be concerning you, such as changes in behaviour, appetite, or anything else that has changed. Our vet will also ask you specific questions in order to highlight common potential issues, as well as to get a better sense of your pet’s lifestyle at home.
It’s the best way to understand just how any health conditions are affecting your pet’s life… and if they are comfortable, pain-free and happy. Airdrie mobile veterinary

Cochrane mobile veterinary

Nail Clipping Airdrie

Understandably nail clipping can be a stressful if not frustrating time for dogs and dog owners. However keeping your dog’s nails neat and tidy is essential for preventing potential breaks, tears, ingrown nails and soreness as well as other problems related to posture and back care.

If your dog is still a puppy, you have an added advantage. You can get them used to the feeling of having someone touching their toes from week one. On the other hand if your pet is older patience and persistence will be required. Before saying too much more, we never expect every pet owner to clip their pets’ nails themselves. Sometimes it is just not worth the stress to you and your pet. Whenever required, a member of our healthcare team will be more than happy to trim your dog’s nails for you. They can also demonstrate the most appropriate nail trimming technique for your dog if you are having any troubles and still want to give it a go. however Airdrie mobile veterinary

Diagnostic Testing Airdrie

When animals are sick, it’s not always enough for a vet to examine them physically. When there are underlying diseases or conditions that you can’t “see”, or that require further investigation, that’s when we need to use our diagnostic expertise..
We also are able to collect blood or other diagnostic samples from your pet to run more in depth testing or lab / pathology tests.  therefore Airdrie mobile veterinary