Vaccines are an important way to keep your pet safe. Cochrane mobile vet
Yearly vet check ups and vaccinations are essential to ensure that your pet is healthy. Vaccinations are also a crucial routine that can help pick up early problems or obtain advice on conditions or diseases that your pet is prone to. Preventative care is the key to keeping your pet healthy, and we provide a range of vaccinations to protect your canine, feline or rabbit friend. Remember, Prevention is always better than cure..
Vaccination always comes with a complete physical exam and health check, including dental and heart checks. Vaccination is still recommended annually, but there are other options depending on your pet’s specific environment or immunity. To find out if your pet is due for vaccination please call to speak with the vet. Cochrane mobile vet

Cocheane mobile vet

Cochrane mobile vet

Annual Health Check Up Cochrane

At Dr. Wendy Vet Clinic, we’re committed to keeping your pets at optimum health… and that’s why we always recommend an annual health check-up. While Vaccinations are crucial, your pets need more. We provide a consultation, full physical examination and any ongoing treatments.
We specialize in Health Checks for your new puppy or kitten. We can provide advice on puppy training, puppy and kitten nutrition and general puppy and kitten pet care. It is important to get your new pet checked by a professional Veterinarian to ensure it is healthy and there are no congenital or developmental problems early.
Best of all, our Cochrane Mobile Vet Doctor performs all annual health check-ups in the comfort of your own home. Cochrane mobile vet

Quality of Life Assessment Cochrane

A cat or dog quality of life assessment is essentially a full and thorough consultation with you and your pet, followed by a detailed pet examination.
Caring for our animals is a lifelong commitment, and as they age, they need our attention more than ever.
When your dog or cat reaches an advanced age, or if diagnosed with a serious illness, then our Cochrane mobile vet might suggest a quality of life assessment.
It’s the best way to understand just how any health conditions are affecting your pet’s life… and if they are comfortable, pain-free and happy. Cochrane mobile veterinary

Cochrane mobile veterinary

Nail Clipping Cochrane

If a pet’s nails are allowed to grow, they can split, break or bleed, causing soreness or infection in your pet’s feet and toes. Long nails can get caught and tear, or grow so long that they can curl backwards into a spiral shape that can make walking very painful for dogs (it’s like walking in shoes that are too small). Cats are able to retract their claws so this is less common for them, however,cats do still need to have their nails regularly clipped (especially if they don’t get much natural wear and tear).
Our gentle veterinarians can provide a nail clipping service for your dog or cat. Reduce the stress of clipping nails at home, and allow one our professional vets to quickly cut away your pet’s overgrown nails. however Cochrane mobile veterinary

Diagnostic Testing Cochrane

As a pet owner, your number-one concern is the health and well-being of your beloved animal. And as a vet, you’re equally concerned that your patient is healthy and has the best chance at a better quality of life.
That’s why when a pet is sick and needs a medicine specialist, you need to know that the specialist has the necessary experience and training to be able to make a fast, accurate diagnosis.
We also are able to collect blood or other diagnostic samples from your pet to run more in depth testing. Cochrane mobile veterinary