Our Mobile Veterinary NW Calgary Services

When someone decides to become a veterinarian, it’s because they have a genuine love and care for the wellbeing of animals. And our team is no different. Mobile Veterinary NW Calgary is a team of carefully selected professionals who love their job and want to make a difference.

Providing care for our little (and big) friends is our number one priority. Which is why we decided to up our game and bring our services to you!

Our aim is to make caring for your pet convenient and easy.


Vaccines are an important way to keep your pets safe and healthy. They protect against viruses, Lyme disease from ticks as well as diseases like rabies that can rapidly spread to other animals.

Some animals are unable to get vaccinated because they’re too young or are living with underlying health conditions. By keeping pets up to date with their vaccines, you’re not only protecting them, but the entire pet community.

Our certified mobile veterinary in NW Calgary will arrive fully equipped with all of the necessary equipment to ensure your pet gets the treatment they need. We also include a standard check up when doing vaccinations.

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Annual Health Check Up

We highly recommend getting an annual check up for your pet. While they may not show any obvious signs of being sick, that’s where it helps to have a trained eye. Our team can tend to any issues your pet might be developing and also take preventative measures to keep them healthy.

We also keep records of all our clients, this way we can keep track of any health conditions your pet might have, which will help them live longer and happier lives.

Besides, with your mobile veterinary from NW Calgary, you won’t even have to leave the comforts of your home.

Quality of Life Assessment

Aging is a part of life. While it’s a difficult time for any pet owner, it’s good to assess your pet’s quality of life. Sometimes the ailments they get along the way aren’t so bad. However, unfortunate as it is, their day-to-day lives can be quite painful. In those cases, it’s better not to drag things out.

Mobile veterinary NW Calgary services will come to you, so your pet can remain in the comforts of their home. We’ll do a complete physical assessment to see how they’re doing and provide insight as to what the future may hold for them.

We’ll talk about what you’ve noticed about their condition up to that point. And then based on that information we’ll offer some advice for their diet and lifestyle so they can have an easier time.

Mobile Veterinary NW Calgary

Nail Clipping

Arguably every pet owner’s least favorite chore. Unless you’ve trained your pet from a young age (sometimes even with training), it’s also their least favorite chore. And who can blame them? Many pets find nail clipping very uncomfortable because they’re not used to having the paws manipulated.

Cutting their nails is a necessary procedure. If their nails get too long, it could damage your floors, or worse they can hurt themselves.

Part of their discomfort comes from being in an unfamiliar place, being touched in ways they aren’t used to by strangers. With mobile veterinary NW Calgary services, we can clip their nails in a familiar place with familiar people. wordpress design

Diagnostic Testing

Most of the time, diagnosing your pet can be done with a simple test. However, it’s not always that simple. That’s why vets across the globe have designed different ways to test your pets so we can more accurately diagnose the problem and give them the most effective care.

Often we’ll need to collect blood, stool and potentially other samples for our pathology lab. Our mobile veterinary NW Calgary services, has the means to do a variety of tests at your home.